PDC Bits

Product name : 8 1/2 inch PDC bit
Product model : 8 1/2 inch PDC bit
Product No. : PDC bit

8 1/2 inch  PDC bit

                         Number of Blades    6
                                    Primary Cutter Size    13mm
                                                 Nozzle Qty.    6NZ
                                            Gauge Length    2.2 Inch
                                                RPM (r/min)    70~270


                                           Flow Rate (lps)    22~35
                                                Application Medium and compact formation with very
high but no abrasive layer,such as limeston,

 Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits deliver premium performance and durability for a wide range of standard drilling applications. These matrix- and steel-bodied bits incorporate the latest cutter technology, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), enhanced hydraulics, and various structure geometries to maximize ROP.

**Matrix-body bit
Matrix-body PDC bits are commonly preferred over steel-body bits for environments in which body erosion is likely to cause a bit to fail. For diamond-impregnated bits, only matrix-body construction can be used.
** Steel-body bits
The strength and ductility of steel give steel-bit bodies high resistance to impact loading. Steel bodies are considerably stronger than matrix bodies.A beneficial feature of steel bits is that they can easily be rebuilt a number of times because worn or damaged cutters can be replaced rather easily. This is a particular advantage for operators in low-cost drilling environments.

Rock hardness and bit selection 
Cone bit IADC code  PDC  Formation  Rock Types  Compressive strength (Mpa) ROP(m/h)
111/124 M/S112~M/S223 Very soft: low viscosity, low compressive strength.




<25 >20
116/137 M/S222~M/S323 Soft: the formation is soft with low compressive strength and good drillability. Clay rocks
25~50 10~20
417/527 M/S323~M/S433 Medium soft: weak to medium, low compressive strength. Clay rocks
50~75 5~15
517/537 M322~M443 Medium to hard formation with high compressive strength and poor abrasion resistance. mudstone
Sandy limestone
75~100 2~6
537/617 M422~M444 Medium hardness: hard, dense formation with high compressive strength and moderate wear. The marble
Hard shale
100~200 1.5~3


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