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Product name : 5 1/4 inch PDC Drag Bit ,3 blades
Product model : 5 1/4 inch PDC Drag Bit ,3 blades
Product No. : 

5 1/4 inch PDC Drag Bit ,3 blades

Product name  5 1/4" PDC drag bit
Material  Steel/Matrix
Color  Golden or following your requirement
Standard  ISO 9001:2008
Style  3 / 4/ 5 Blades PDC drag bit
Normal Sizes

3.5", 4.5", 6.5",7.5",8.5",8.5" .

Special size is available by given sample or drawings.

 Drag bits are usually used in soft formations, such as sand and soil, but not in coarse gravel or hard formations. Usually used in water wells, minerals, geothermal environment, etc. Our company can supply 27/8 to 171/2 inch scraper bits.

Concave-convex three-blade scraper bit is one of the most common scraper-blade bits in the world. It is often used in soft to medium soft formations.

Stepped three-blade scraper bits are suitable for medium-hard to hard formations, as well as for rocks and oil fields. Scraper bit is divided into two-wing scraper, three-wing scraper, four-wing scraper, six-wing scraper and so on.

Product Description:

I. materials

1. Matrix made of high-grade tungsten carbide steel, one-time forming cutting edge angle, high hardness, no cracks, impact resistance

2. Unique welding method of alloy bar to increase wear resistance of drill body

3. High Quality Full Thickness Composites

4. The expensive silver solder paste does not need copper soldering to prevent damage to the life of the composite sheet.

II. Process Design

1. Accurate chamfering angle of composite sheet

2, 10 years process clad sheet welding technology, advanced silver welding, never falling sheet

3. Design of super-large outlet, smooth outlet, no blockage, no drilling and no washing

4. Autonomous design of threads to suit all drill pipe interfaces

5. Repeated grinding, repeated chemical treatment, dust-free welding composite


Product parameters

3. Functional characteristics

1. Bit life is long: the service life of diamond composite cutting teeth is more than 10 times that of cemented carbide and 4-5 times that of ordinary diamond bits.

2. Drilling efficiency is high: the amount of diamond exposed is large (almost all of the composite polycrystalline layer exposed), the bit can always keep sharp, thus greatly improving the footage speed;

3. Drilling at low pressure and low speed: The bit scratches and shears the rock, and its bit pressure is only about 1/3 of that of the diamond impregnated bit with the same diameter.

4. Good diameter-keeping effect: Diamond polycrystals can be embedded inside and outside the composite bit of our company. It has strong wear resistance and good diameter-keeping performance, which can make cutting teeth be used efficiently.

5. Wide scope of application: Practice has proved that the bit is suitable for drilling soft and medium-hard formations such as carbonate, limestone, cretaceous, claystone, siltstone and sandstone. Compared with general bits, especially for rock formations of grade 6-8, the effect is particularly remarkable.

6. Because of the fast drilling speed and long service life, the number of start-up and start-up drilling is less, the drilling cost is greatly reduced, and the cost-effective ratio is superior.


A cutting bit with fins is commonly used in oil drilling in upper soft formation. There are two wings, three wings and four wings, the most commonly used is the three-wing scraper bit. There are two kinds of wing shapes, stepped and non-stepped. The edge of the wing is welded with carbide or diamond. According to the need, scraper bits can be divided into two types: coring and non-coring.

Scraper bit is a commonly used tool in workover operations. It is used to drill cement plug, punch sand bridge, salt bridge, scrape dirt and hard wax from casing wall and crystallize some minerals. It can also scrape the borehole to make the borehole wall clean and tidy. It can be used in liner drilling, sidetracking drilling (which can destroy the keyway formed during sidetracking) or drilling and grinding the perforation shell cushion. Under the action of drilling pressure, the bottom is fed into the drilled material such as cement, and then rotated to make the Fed part cut in the circumferential direction, gradually drilling the drilled material. Side will be grinded and milled by the drill, cylindrical space, better repair the drilled hole.

The product conforms to API standard, and the bit model is in line with IADC code. It is mainly used in oilfields, gas fields, mines, water wells, geological exploration, geothermal development, hydrological exploration, engineering piling and so on.



Type Pin

Wt. (lbs.)

3 7/8" - 4 3/4"

2 3/8" API Pin


4 7/8" - 5 1/8"

2 3/8" API Pin


5 1/4" - 5 1/2"

2 3/8" API Pin


4 5/8" - 5"

2 7/8" API Pin


5 1/8" - 5 1/2"

2 7/8" API Pin


5 5/8" - 6 1/4"

3 1/2" API Pin


6 1/2" - 6 3/4"

3 1/2" API Pin


7" - 7 1/2"

3 1/2" API Pin


7 5/8" - 8"-12 1/4

3 1/2" API Pin 4 1/2  6 5/8


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