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Product name : C120 Foundation Roller Cones - Replaceable Type
Product model : C120 Foundation Roller Cones - Replaceable Type
Product No. : Replaceable Type

C120 Foundation Roller Cones - Replaceable Type

C120 Series Replaceable Type



Bearing Structure


Features of C120 Series

1 Journal sealed bearing with TCI protection on heel of cones
2 Cone1、2、3 speed up rock breaking rate
3 Shirttail hard enhanced by Tungsten Carbide
4 C120-637 adopts 12mm conical-ball TCI
5 C120 series suits for smaller core barrel , penetration rate is much higher


The overall structure of the single-handle of the cone is relatively complex, and it must be produced with some dedicated production equipment. The products that need to be used in different fields also need different mechanical equipment to be produced, so as to ensure that the use of the single-handle of the cone can be more targeted and can exert greater effects. In order to ensure that the single wheel of the cone can play a value that it should have during the drilling construction process, and show her excellent advantage, we attach great importance to some designs of the single wheel of the cone, and hire some concentrated The staff will design it and then produce it with some excellent workers, so as to ensure that the excellence of the single wheel of the cone is not affected.

1)Cutting StructureThe reamer mainly consists of four or more cones. Cutting Structure with premium tungsten carbide hardfacing or premium tungsten carbide insert of formulas and new techniques is utilized, and increases wear-resistance capability of reamer. The pilot is three cone bit( tricone bit ).

2)Seal and Lubrication

High performance O-ring for bearing seal and advanced grease for lubrication.

3)Product Application

It is suitable for the large size well, mining and infrastructure applications.

4)Main Availability, ( Bit sizes and cone types can be customized as you special order)

Thank you watch my product,if you wanna buy roller cone cutter,call me

if you wanna buy roller cutter,call me

Bit Size(single roller)

                                      Bit Type



5 7/8


517, 537, 617,637,737



517, 537, 617,637,737

8 1/2


517, 537, 617,637,737

9 7/8


517, 537, 617,637,737

10 5/8


517, 537, 617,637,737

12 1/4


517, 537, 617,637,737

14 3/4”



17 1/2”









                                                    Type C120-637


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