Rock Reamer

Product name : 30 inch rock reamer
Product model : 30 inch rock reamer
Product No. : rock reamer

30 inch rock reamer

Size  30"

Cutter Type

Elastomer sealed bearing cutters for 17 1/2" tricone bit
IADC 217
Roller Cutter Quantity 4
Overall Length(mm) 1800
Thread Connection 6 5/8 REG pin & box(Customized)
Application Medium formations with high compressive strength,
such as medium shale,hard gypsum,medium soft
limestone,medium soft sandstone,soft formation with
harder interbed,etc. 


Rock Reamer / Hole Opener Introduction

HDD Hole opener ranging from 12 to 66 that is divided into two type: MT cutter and TCI cutter, and is used in various compressive strength of the formations. 

The product is used for the reaming of the oil, gas, petrochemical, sewage, power and fiber optic pipelines in the trenchless horizontal directional drilling and vertical drilling.

Directional crossing operation is widely used in trenchless project.
Hole opening is the most onerous task in this operation, but the key for hole opening operation is the hole opener choosing according to the operation equipment and formation. 

Small torque force can be applied to hole opening with drilling machine.

Three steps in such operation are:  

1 step: oriented hole operation.

2 step:hole opening.

3 step: pipe pulling.

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