Product name : 20 inch Roller Cutters
Product model : 20 inch Roller Cutters
Product No. : Roller Cutters

20" HDD Roller Cutters

Size  20"


Cutter Type Elastomer sealed bearing
Grease Lubrication Available
Grease Compensation System Available
Inserts Shape Conical
Application Hard formations for high compressive
strength,such as sandstone,hard shale,
dolomite,hard gypsum,chert, granite,etc.    

1)Cutting Structure
The reamer mainly consists of four or more cones. Cutting Structure with premium tungsten carbide hardfacing or premium tungsten carbide insert of formulas and new techniques is utilized, and increases wear-resistance capability of reamer. The pilot is three cone bit( tricone bit ).


2)Seal and Lubrication
High performance HNBR O-ring for bearing seal and advanced grease for lubrication.


3)Product Application
It is suitable for the large size well, mining and infrastructure applications.

4)Main Availability, ( Bit sizes and cone types can be customized as you special order) 

New design iadc 637 single roller cutters bore hole drill bitNew design iadc 637 single roller cutters bore hole drill bit

The strength and ductility of steel give steel-bit bodies’ high resistance to impact loading. Steel bodies are considerably stronger than matrix bodies. Because of steel material capabilities, complex bit profiles and hydraulic designs are possible and relatively easy to construct on a multi-axis, computer-numerically-controlled milling machine. A beneficial feature of steel bits is that they can easily be rebuilt a number of times because worn or damaged cutters can be replaced rather easily. This is a particular advantage for operators in low-cost drilling environments.

New design iadc 637 single roller cutters bore hole drill bit

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New design iadc 637 single roller cutters bore hole drill bit

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New design iadc 637 single roller cutters bore hole drill bit

The hard formation TCI tricone bits can be used to drill hard and abrasive formations. Wear resistance tungsten carbide inserts are used in the outer rows to prevent loss of bit gauge. Maximum numbers of hemispherical shaped inserts are used in all rows to provide cutter durability and long life.

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